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Semana Bilingüe


Bilingual week

Frank Smith's phrase is very valid for us; a language is a hall

for life. Two languages ??open all the doors of the tour.


In a Latin country like Panama, dedicating a week to highlighting

the English language and reinforcing our native language,

Spanish, represents for our students a lot of fun, since

through this they manage to project everything learned in

their classes, in a joyful and creative way; this is

what we could observe when presenting their lectures,

poetic corals, as we observe the results of the dictations,

the spelling exercises and enjoying the dramatizations and songs.


Our motto for this year was “In Search of Cartoons with Values to

Enrich our Language”, in which the students represented a T.V cartoon

that reflected a value; yes, those same comics that entertained us and

with which we grew up attached to the TV. Today our boys and girls went

into the world of entertainment to analyze the contents and go in the

search for the promotion of values.


Experts say that language helps us capture the world and of course,

the more languages ??we learn, the better the conquest will be and

each school that has a global vision, as the Preparatory does,

showing the importance of being bilingual, centralizing their academic

training in language teaching; in our case the English language, in

parallel with the reinforcement of our mother tongue, “Cervantes language”,

the language of romance and mischief.


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